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Welcome to Diversity!

Thursday 6:00 p.m. Aug 4 - Friday Aug 5 Las Vegas
Bally's Penthouse Suites, Indigo Tower 26th floor

We want to thank everyone who came out and made the first annual TiaraCon a tremendous success. Thank you for helping us to realize our goal to create a a free 2-day conference created to advance the careers of women in the cyber security profession. This was a terrific opportunity to come together to further advance our soft skills and grow our networks. Women are only 10% of the cyber security profession and less than 9% of the leadership; so let's carry this forward from here and collaborate, create solutions, and form lifelong friendships and mentoring relationships.

As a recap. TiaraCon truly was unlike anything people had attended before. We started with a networking meet & greet for individuals and organizations who want to help change the lack of women and diversity in Infosec. A room full of friendly and interested people enjoyed lock picking & great conversations. And then, there were the badges. Who didn't love learning how to solder? There's nothing like building connections while you build your own badges. We are so glad people enjoyed our Panel Talk on “Women in InfoSec: Our Time is Now”. It was our privilege to share our journeys to InfoSec and discuss how and why our differences make us stronger. Thank you to our panelists:

Another hit was our Resume Bar, where you could have your resume reviewed by experts from the cyber security staffing field.

Our attendees did leave with greater soft skills, new connections, a broader network of support, and ideas for creating change. We hope to do this again!

TiaraC0n Inclusion Policy
TiaraCon is an inclusive and safe space for people to come together and build friendships and professional relationships within the InfoSec Community. While TiaraCon is a female centric organization, it is also an inclusive organization with goals that extend beyond the exclusive needs of women. TiaraCon seeks to include the voices of all people, no matter their sex, gender, color, ability, nationality, or identity.

As members and volunteers of TiaraCon we will not tolerate hate speech or violence against any group or individual. While TiaraCon does hold segregated events aimed at assisting women in the workplace, TiaraCon is not in the business of deciding the gender of our participants. Gender is a personal choice, and if a person chooses to identify as a woman they will be allowed to participate in our women’s-only events.

The gender spectrum involves narratives that are not always 100% predictable but are welcome in the space. We exist in a world that embraces the gender binary but we are not interested in perpetuating toxic narratives around gender binary. We want to hear the views of all genders (or none) and each unique experience – every voice is welcome and valued. We welcome the views of all race/ethnicity, and we want to hear your voice and stories. Come and just be you.

If there is any question regarding the gender of a TiaraCon participant, DO NOT call out the person in question or make them feel uncomfortable. If you do not know the gender of a person, DO NOT user male or female pronouns to describe that person, instead use neutral pronouns such as “they/them/their.” The organizers of TiaraCon will make public announcements regarding who is and is not allowed inside of the conference during transitions. TiaraCon bathrooms are open to any person, there will be no policing of bathroom use. Concerns regarding participation should be sent to a TiaraCon staff member or directly to the Safety Lead.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Defcon badge to get into TiaraCon? Nope you do not need a Defcon badge.
Are dudes welcome? They are welcome, we just have some requirements as outlined above.

Helpful Links:
This form is for people who want to work with other people on projects to post about what they're looking for or would like to help with. Let's change the world, while wearing tiaras!

Are you a company supportive of women in security and gender diversity? Put your openings here. You *have* to have a representative in attendance at Tiaracon/hacker summer camp for applicants to meet with. We'll pull anything that doesn't.

This form posts your information to a public spreadsheet on the net that potential employers can visit to find out about you and hire you. Please be aware and post according to your comfort level.

Hey - please give us feedback on this form. It makes a huge difference to know what is and isn't working on sharing information with you, how we're running events, how we're doing on our commitment to inclusivity. We really want to know if you would like to work with us on future events.