Motorola Edge 40 Neo feature-rich devices with great looks and pricing

Motorola Edge 40 Neo

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the competition continues to intensify. Motorola, a brand with a rich history in the mobile industry, has stepped up its game with the introduction of the Motorola Edge 40 Neo. This device comes packed with features that promise a near-perfect experience for users. With a Diamond City 7030 processor and a 144Hz display, the Edge 40 Neo has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts. In this review, we will delve into the build and design, camera performance, processing power, software, battery life, and overall value that the Motorola Edge 40 Neo offers.

Motorola Edge 40 Neo Features

The first aspect that immediately strikes you when you pick up the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is its build and design. The phone weighs in at just 173 grams, making it noticeably lighter than many of its counterparts. The curved design, both on the front and back, not only adds to its aesthetics but also makes it comfortable to hold. The variant in question boasts a vegan leather back, a trend seen in many 2023 smartphones. This not only enhances the device’s look but also offers practical benefits by being more durable and scratch-resistant than plastic. Additionally, the device is rated IP68, meaning it can withstand water exposure to some extent.

One unique highlight in the package is the included back cover, which is unlike the standard TPU cases that most brands provide. This case is colored to match the phone and offers better protection. However, one aspect to be cautious of is the absence of a tempered glass screen protector due to the curved display, making the screen more vulnerable to damage from drops.

The Edge 40 Neo features a 6.5-inch full HD Plus 144Hz P-OLED display. While it technically boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, it defaults to 90Hz in most scenarios like Instagram and YouTube. Users who desire the full 144Hz experience will need to manually set it in the phone’s settings. The display quality is impressive, with vibrant colors and sharpness, making it perfect for watching high-quality videos. It also supports HDR content on platforms like YouTube, although it lacks support for HDR on Netflix. The device’s audio quality is equally commendable, featuring Dolby Atmos with dual Studio speakers.

For many, the camera capabilities of a smartphone are paramount. The Edge 40 Neo features a dual-camera setup on the rear, consisting of a 50-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. The outdoor shots from the main camera look good, albeit slightly boosted in color, which may appeal to some users. However, zooming in on photos reveals over-sharpening, and the HDR performance could be improved.

Interestingly, the ultra-wide-angle camera outperforms the main camera in terms of HDR and overall image quality. It also doubles as a macro camera, producing decent macro shots. On the front, the device houses a 32-megapixel selfie camera, producing pleasing selfies with a slightly warm tone. The video quality is adequate for short clips and social media use. While the camera is functional, there is room for improvement in terms of image processing and HDR performance.

The Edge 40 Neo stands out with its Diamond City 7030 processor, offering competitive performance. This variant includes 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256GB of UFS 2.2 storage. In day-to-day tasks such as web browsing, movie watching, and scrolling through social media, the device operates without noticeable lag. Benchmark tests indicate that it performs similarly to the Snapdragon 778G, making it capable of handling tasks like gaming without significant frame drops. The device’s smooth performance is further enhanced by Motorola’s My UX skin, running on Android 13, which provides a near-stock Android experience with some useful Motorola features.

Motorola’s software game is strong, with a near-stock Android experience enriched with Motorola’s unique features. Notably, the “Moto Secure” feature offers a pin pad scrambler to enhance security when unlocking the device. Another valuable feature is “Family Space,” which serves as a parental control app, allowing users to manage the apps and usage time for children. Overall, Motorola’s software is relatively bloatware-free, with only first-party apps included.

The device is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, which has become standard in modern smartphones. It offers a full day’s usage with approximately 11% battery remaining after a day of use with 4.5 hours of screen-on time. While this battery life is impressive, it may vary for users who engage in extensive gaming or video recording. The device supports 68W fast charging, providing a quick charge-up to 50% in about 15 minutes.

The value proposition of the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is compelling, particularly during festive sales. The device starts at 23,999, but discounts and offers can bring the price down further. Buyers can also avail themselves of exchange discounts and bank offers, making it an even more attractive deal. However, the final verdict on its value will depend on individual preferences and needs. The device excels in movie watching, casual gaming, and day-to-day tasks, but its camera performance could use some refinement.

The Motorola Edge 40 Neo presents itself as a strong contender in the smartphone market. It boasts an appealing design, a vibrant display, capable processing power, and a user-friendly software experience. However, camera enthusiasts may find room for improvement in image processing and HDR performance. For those seeking an all-around good smartphone experience with a competitive price point, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo is worth considering. A full review, comparing it to other devices, will provide a more comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, which could help buyers make a well-informed decision.

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